Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sewing Time

Finally got all of my parka cut out. Invited a few ladies over to do some sewing and that spurred me on to get all the material cut. It also took over a month to get the thinsulate material for the lining. No sense making a coat that I cannot wear in the very cold weather of Iqaluit. As you can see it will be a blue parka with blue and yellow trims as well as a fur around the hood. Looking at blue fox for the hood trim. My daughter is mad at me about using fur but it serves an important purpose here in the north. It keeps the wind off of one's face. I can tell you that we get some chilly winds.
Three ladies came by and we got to work on two coats and learned how to sew some mittens. The mittens we are beginning with have duffel material on the outside and polar fleece for the lining. If we do a good job then we'll put fur around the bottom edges. Maybe later we will try to sew mittens out of leather.

We also have a pattern for a baby parka. I have a grand nephew that arrived on Christmas Day. He will be the first grand baby that I can sew for. Not ready for any of my own. Sometime in the future after the girls get their own futures settled.

Hope to get something finished soon to post on the blog. Lots of things started but nothing finished. That seems to be the direction I go with my sewing projects. Maybe having the girls come over on Saturdays will mean I might actually finish one thing! (or more)

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