Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Curling, Sunsets and Other Things

Some of you might have remembered that I volunteered for the Nation Mixed Curling Bonspiel held here in Iqaluit. The local curling club put on an appreciation night for all of the volunteers. We had a buffet of munchies and lots of great prizes. I came away with a gift certificate to a local gift store. The group at the table are mostly people that work at the school with me. A fun bunch to party with!
Starting with the guy on the left Clyde, his wife Marilyn, Me, Barb, Steve and his girlfriend Rachel and at the back diane.The guy grinning at us is the gym teacher from my school and Barb's husband Harry.
The sun is starting to go down later in the day now. These two pictures were taken at about 2:00 in the afternoon. The sun and moon seen so much closer to us up here. By 2:30 it was dark again. I look forward to longer days.

Below is the view from the side of our building. The hill is covered with snow but it is not very deep. The wind blow so often that much of the snow get blown away. I like how hard and crunchy the snow is. You can walk on top of it and it makes such a neat sound.

Finally I started a course in Inuktitut. It is a very different language from english. Here is the words for "Yes I want to drink some coffee" ii, kaapiturumajunga Say that mouthful! The hour class went by very quickly. I hope to use some words with my own students. They will be able to help me with the pronounciation.
(Good Night)


dp said...

Beautiful sunset, even if its in the afternoon, geesh. Your new language has too many letters in each word. there is no room for a breath!
Love the new jackets...
Your Gym Teacher reminds me of Wayne!

cpm said...

What a sunset! and how cool that you can see it so well from your place!
Good for you for tying to learn Inuktitut! It looks very difficult! Donna's right...too many vowels! ha!ha!

Way Way Up said...

I used to work with Harry B. a couple years ago when he was up here in Arctic Bay. Great fellow! Please tell him Darcy says hello!