Saturday, December 13, 2008

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Christmas time is as busy up north as it is back in the south. Jacques and I have been busy with parties, visiting friends, practicing for concerts, getting in the Christmas spirit and counting the days til we see our kids. One of the two airlines that flys up north puts on a huge Gala ball at the end of November to kick off the holiday season. The tickets are $125 and the money goes to different charity groups in Iqaluit. I think over 500 people attended this event. Jacques was lucky enought to get us 2 tickets. That meant we both had to get dressed up. I haven't had an opportunity to really get dressed up in years. Well I am glad I still had my slinky black dress. It's the only one I brought north with me. I hoped it would do for a "Gala"! I looked okay and Jacques was handsome in his nice charcoal suit. Boy what a variety of dresses. There were beautiful evening gowns, terrific looking cocktail dresses and even prom dresses. I wish I had gotten some pictures of a few of the gorgeous dresses lots of the women wore. The hairdos were another thing. I just washed and blew my hair dry. These women had all been to the hairdressers for updos with ribbons, pearls and flowers strung through their hair. I guess when it is the only major event of the year you make the most of it. They had drinks and appetizers first. The appetizers were scallops wrapped in bacon and mini chicken shish kabobs. The bar was open and the liquor flowed. This was followed by a buffet meal prepared by the Frobisher Inn. A very nice meal! After the meal they presented cheques to the different charity groups and had a draw for some plane tickets and a beautiful sealskin coat. Darn! I didn't win anything. The evening ended with a dance to a fun band they had flown in from down south. Jacques and I boogied to the disco beat for a while and then caought a taxi home. All in all a lovely evening.


cpm said...

Looks like fun! Countdown for home is on now! woohoo!

dp said...

how fun. I can't wait to see you! What are your plans?