Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Inuit Art Gallery

I am taking you up on your idea Donna P. Here is a peak at the beginnings of the Deschenes' Inuit Art Gallery (Ha! Ha!)
The two Bears is a piece we bought because the fellow knocked the price down to $10. I think it will actually look great in the right frame.
This picture on the right is our favourite piece. We wanted it as soon as we saw it. It is from a local artist here in Iqaluit. We hope to get a few more of his pieces. It represents celebrating after the kill of an animal (I think)
The set of three pictures at the bottom are about a hunter trying to catch a seal. Each picture we have purchased is different in the techniques. So many different works of art to choose from. I hope to select a few carvings to add to our collection sometime in the future.


Jill MacD said...

They are all really wonderful, but I love the polar bears! Glad that you are doing well in the North. Hope to see you over the holidays.

dp said...

these are truly amazing. I remember when Dianna Berry came back from living up north, she had quite a bit of artwork from the north and it is spectular. She had a couple by Ted Harrison too, which were really colorful. Different than the rest of her stuff... which was more like yours... black, white and the tiny bits of color throughout. Thanks for the tour through your art gallery!

cpm said...

beautiful! what great memory keepers of your time up North. you'll have to get some carvings for sure too!

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