Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Time in the North

Well, Halloween has come and gone. We had no Trick or Treaters so Jacques and I get to eat the box of chips we had ready. We live in an area that doesn't have many children. It was also a very cold and uninviting night to be out Trick or Treating. Imagine wearing a snowsuit over your Halloween costume!
I did have a busy day at school. The children all dressed up for the afternoon and so did a lot of the staff. All I had was an orange shirt and black pants. I didn't know that they went all out for Halloween. I'll have to bring up a costume to wear next year. We had a party in our class that afternoon. I never so so many goodies. The children took home as big a haul of treats as if they had gone trick or treating in my room. Many parents made up bags of goodies for every child in my room as well as cookies and other treats. I had to find bags for all the loot they took home from school.
We had a costume parade in the Gym half way through the afternoon. The teachers did some crazy dancing in the middle of the gym and then each class paraded around so everyone could see all the different costumes. There were lots and lots of little princesses. I saw some very elaborate costumes. I had pirates,the Hulk, Spider man, many princesses, vampires and monsters.

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mvm said...

Sounds like it was a good idea to dress up at school. I wouldn't want to go door to door in the cold!