Sunday, November 23, 2008

Our Inuit Art Gallery

I am taking you up on your idea Donna P. Here is a peak at the beginnings of the Deschenes' Inuit Art Gallery (Ha! Ha!)
The two Bears is a piece we bought because the fellow knocked the price down to $10. I think it will actually look great in the right frame.
This picture on the right is our favourite piece. We wanted it as soon as we saw it. It is from a local artist here in Iqaluit. We hope to get a few more of his pieces. It represents celebrating after the kill of an animal (I think)
The set of three pictures at the bottom are about a hunter trying to catch a seal. Each picture we have purchased is different in the techniques. So many different works of art to choose from. I hope to select a few carvings to add to our collection sometime in the future.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Well report cards are done and parents have been in to the school to pick them up. I feel like a weigh has been lifted off my shoulders. I worried about how the process would go up here. It was great to know that I could use what ever format I was comfortable with. I went with the report card style I used back at Kingston with a few tweeks. Other teachers here in Nakasuk liked my format and used it as well. It was so nice to here the positive comments from the parents about how their children like coming to school. It made my day!
Went out to the Kicking Caribou to celebrate with a few friends. Jacques tells me he got out extra money to do some Christmas shopping. I know that sounds weird to shop at the bar but that is what we do sometimes. A lot of the local artists have people come into the bars and restaurants selling carvings, jewelry, pictures and even clothing like mitts or hats. We have done a bit of shopping that way. Jacques bargained a picture priced at $260 down to $200. He got a set of 3 pictures the other night. We will probably have enough pictures for an art gallery in our living room when we go back home.
The Frobuild Family Apartment Building
Thought I would tell y'all a bit about our apartment here in Iqaluit. There are 6 apartments in the building. Everyone in the building works for Frobuild. There are 4 one bedroom apartments on the first floor and 2 three bedroom apartments on the second floor. We were lucky to have one of the 3 bedroom apartments. It gives us lots of room and has one of the best views in town. We see the airport and all the planes landing and taking off as well as the harbour and part of Frobisher Bay. No boats out on the water anymore. The harbour is frozen over already. Check out the pictures of our apartment.
The top 2 balconies are part of our apartment and our

entrance is at the side of the

Above are 2 views of the kitchen
The dining area and the living room below
Our Bedroom
The spare room I use as an Office

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Halloween Time in the North

Well, Halloween has come and gone. We had no Trick or Treaters so Jacques and I get to eat the box of chips we had ready. We live in an area that doesn't have many children. It was also a very cold and uninviting night to be out Trick or Treating. Imagine wearing a snowsuit over your Halloween costume!
I did have a busy day at school. The children all dressed up for the afternoon and so did a lot of the staff. All I had was an orange shirt and black pants. I didn't know that they went all out for Halloween. I'll have to bring up a costume to wear next year. We had a party in our class that afternoon. I never so so many goodies. The children took home as big a haul of treats as if they had gone trick or treating in my room. Many parents made up bags of goodies for every child in my room as well as cookies and other treats. I had to find bags for all the loot they took home from school.
We had a costume parade in the Gym half way through the afternoon. The teachers did some crazy dancing in the middle of the gym and then each class paraded around so everyone could see all the different costumes. There were lots and lots of little princesses. I saw some very elaborate costumes. I had pirates,the Hulk, Spider man, many princesses, vampires and monsters.