Saturday, October 11, 2008

Building a Home in Iqaluit

I have been fascinated by the way they build homes up here. The ground and weather don't lend themselves well to putting in cement basements like back south. They start with large steel posts that are pounded into the ground using this crazy machine...don't have any idea what it is called. The ground is all rocks and then you hit the permafrost. Not easy to deal with when you want to place a home on it. The homes are actually above the ground. That means the main floors need to be well insulated. The floor has steel and wooden beams for support then they are insulated.

Once The floor has been laid then they go to work on the walls, one side at a time.

When all of the sides have been raised then it is on with the roof.
They use metal for all the roofs here. Just like our old house in Greenwood for those who remember our home on Dalmation Drive. When it rains you hear that drip drip noise on your roof.

Now they have a roof and they can work on the inside away from the wind and snow. Right now there are a lot of homes going up on our street. They are working 7 days a week to get things set before the real snows come through. I will update this blog when they actually finish the outside of the house.

Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends!

Donna and Jacques


dp said...

pretty awesome the way they deal with the building challenges up there. But I don't like how it blocked some of your view....

Happy Thanksgiving

mvm said...

That is so cool Donna. Happy Thanksgiving to you.