Saturday, September 20, 2008

Snow in September

One minute you couldn't see down the hill to the airport and the next the sky is clear again!

I wasn't expecting to dig out my boots, ski jacket and gloves so soon. We has small snow showers on Sunday (the 14th). Looked out my window one minute to a clear view and a whiteout the next. It was over as soon as it arrived. It has snowed on and off all week since.

When we got up Tuesday(16th) morning there was a couple inches of snow on the ground. I was on duty all day and had to deal with snowball. I should say dirtballs because our playground is all sand and gravel. We do not have pavement only days here. No pavement to speak of anywhere around the school. By supper time there was no snow around but it keeps coming back in spurts. We did have a high wind warning on Wednesday night. The buildings rocked and rolled all night. Being up on stilts means these buildings move a bit in strong winds. I got rocked to sleep that night.
See the metal posts that hold our building up. We live on the top floor, too!

This was the sunrise on Thirsday morning. It was like the sun painted the ground with a golden paintbrush.The mountains in the distance look beautiful with their white dusting of snow. You can actually see the snow showers coming off in the distance when the cloud cover is not too low.
That's all from "way North of Nova Scotia" This week!


cpm said...

Awesome pictures! I'm fascinated by the landscape and lack of trees. Snow in Sept?!? crazy... should I dare tell you it was 21 degrees here today (20th)! hee!hee!

dp said...

AMAZING pictures. Oh Donna, snow already... wow. Thank you so much for all your pictures and updates. House on stilts..sounds really weird. What a big house to be on little stilts.Is the red house your apt building. I think having a bright red building will look very cool in the snow.

Traveling Family said...

Wow Donna snow in September!! I can't imagine, although I remember growing up in Cape Breton getting snow in October. Does that count??