Sunday, September 28, 2008

Almost Two Months in Iqaluit

All is quiet here on Sundays except for the builders across the street. They even work Sundays. I guess you have to take advantage of the good weather while it is here in order to get things done before the snows really arrive.
We had our school Terry Fox Walk on Friday(Sept 26) and had milder weather for it. We walked a circle around the main roads of the city and back to our school. It stopped a lot of traffic and lots of people came outside to cheer the children on. It did seem a bit strange walking in ski jackets and gloves. When we got back to school they gave the kids a longer recess. Seemed just like back home.

No classes on September 29th as we had a staff inservice day on Picturing Writing. I love the program already cuz I get to play with watercolour paints. My students love it too. We hadn't done much except play with the paints on dry paper and wet paper. We did have the priviledge of learning more under the program developer herself- Beth Olshansky. She came to our class for an hour every day and worked with the children. She focused on the sky and how it changes during the different times of day. They did paintings of twilight and sunset. They also started to write about their paintings too. We will soon have enough work together for them to each have their first published book. Check out some of their paintings.

These are pictures of Twilight up in the North done by grade 1 and 2 students. The picture below is a finished Sunset page for one of their books which will be called Painting the Sky.I am very proud of my little artists.

Leaving you with a real Iqaluit sunset. No snow today!


dp said...

Awesome artwork Donna. I am so glad you are enjoying your class and your students... Keep up the great blogging...

Traveling Family said...

Wow, I love the colors in the paintings. You seem to be enjoying reading about your adventures :)